Still life

Photographer Joske Kempink creates beautiful still lifes. They remind you of paintings made by the old masters. Joske uses the famous Rembrandt lighting to achieve the style which is so recognizable from the 17th century. She gives much attention to the exposure, composition, texture and use of colours. Everyone gives their own interpretation to the meaning of these still lifes. That's the purpose; "it makes them personal and unique". 


Wall decoration

Are you curious about her work? You can view her portfolio here. Do you want one of Joske her artworks on your wall? Her wall decoration will fit with many different interior styles like classic, rustic, modern and industrial. Discover the still life that suits you and your interior. You can order it on different materials. Go for a classic look by choosing canvas with a floating frame. Or go for a modern twist by choosing a metal or acrylic print. 


Germany and France

For customers from Germany and France; you can order your wall decoration at our webshop called OhmyPrints. They offer high quality material. Click on the Ohmyprints country button and order right now. Free shipping!








For all the other countries; you can order your wall decoration at our worldwide webshop called Fine Art America. This is the worlds largest print on demand company. Do you want to order an image seen on this website which is not available in the shop? Contact us and we will arrange it for you. Click on the button to order right now!



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